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how to predict employee attrition

How to Predict Employee Attrition

Predicting employee attrition with communication network analysis 

At present, upwards of 65% of employees are looking for new positions. In fairness, a large number of those job seekers may have done so earlier were it not for wanting pandemic […]

network analysis

Understanding your Organization with Network Analysis

Map out the enterprise and identify key employees with network analysis

To quote one of the most famed bosses in modern history, Michael Scott, “Do I have a special someone? Well, yeah of course. A bunch of ‘em. My employees.” While The Office […]

A Workplace strengthened by diversity

Diversity: Cultural Kaleidoscope

A workplace strengthened by diversity

When I first came to America for my education, I found myself at a small college in Eastern Pennsylvania where I was the only Chinese student at the school.

What false advertising has to do with compliance

Regulation on My Mind

The compliance perils of the “brain game” industry

Who wouldn’t like to be just a little bit smarter? Turns out, most people are eager to boost their cognitive function, and an entire cottage industry has arisen to cater to those that are willing to pay for training and games that supposedly enhance cognitive performance.