Product Updates

Microsoft Teams Fully Integrated into ZL UA

We are introducing a new topic to our blogs: product updates. In an effort for transparency, we will be posting about our newest product updates so that clients and prospects can easily stay up to date on what ZL Tech has to offer in plain language, without the jargon. Moreover, it is our aim to explicitly translate our technological updates in terms of how it will affect your enterprise.

To kick-off, ZL UA has recently updated to be fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, so your ZL Solution can now govern every action that occurs within the platform. This is a huge addition given that MS Teams has reached over 115 million daily users, which amounts to massive volumes of data that went previously unmanageable.

Not governing MS Teams data may be dangerous as conversations and file shares throughout the platform can still subject to industry regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley act, FIRNA, and SEC rules. Or more broadly, all companies are responsible for maintaining their communications in case of litigation, per the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, and all organizations with ties to California and/or the European Union will have to abide by the California Consumer Privacy Act and/or the General Data Protection Regulation, respectively. All of which require organizations to be cable of managing and isolating MS Teams messages, files, reactions, and the context surrounding these interactions.

ZL UA not only ingests, indexes, classifies, and applies automatic or manual policies on MS Teams data, but also provides functions to optimize governance strategies. For example, electronic communications that violate company and/or governmental policies are automatically flagged for review. To which, we have made the review process easier with our echo reduction technology that prevents reviewers from seeing repeatedly flagged messages—dramatically saving time and headaches from reviewers seeing the same emails pop up as communication chains grow with responses. Additionally, ZL UA has a flexible review pipeline, including a multi-review pathway for organizations so that different violation types can receive custom review requirements, ensuring flagged communications are defensibly managed. We have also set up granular search functionality with “surround queries,” which allow for the combination of search rules for easy and precise identification of violations. All of which is accessible through our updated review dashboard which now includes build-in analytics for deeper insights.

Every decision has trade-offs: using MS Teams in your organization can greatly enhance interpersonal communication but will add yet another silo of data that must be governed. ZL Tech is proud of our contributions in alleviating the unwanted complications of digital transformation so that enterprises can focus on what matters most. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Teams data governance, reach out to your ZL Account Manager for personalized assistance.

A graduate from Kalamazoo College, Martin Hansknecht serves as a marketing associate for ZL Tech. He gets his Midwestern charm from growing up in the mitten of Michigan, his East Coast work ethic from his time spent in NY and D.C., and his European fashion from years living in England, Germany, and Hungary. Now he is looking forward to absorbing that innovative West Coast mindset!