Happy New Year from ZL Tech

happy new year 2021

As our hectic year comes to a close, we at ZL Tech find ourselves optimistic for what awaits us in 2021. On a global scale, we patiently await the roll-out of the COVID vaccine so that we can all begin the difficult work of rebuilding our lives and communities. On a personal note, we are excited for all that we have planned to assist our clients in harnessing the power of their data for regulatory compliance and business insight.

From all of us at ZL Tech, we wish you and your family all the best in this New Year!

A graduate from Kalamazoo College, Martin Hansknecht serves as a marketing associate for ZL Tech. He gets his Midwestern charm from growing up in the mitten of Michigan, his East Coast work ethic from his time spent in NY and D.C., and his European fashion from years living in England, Germany, and Hungary. Now he is looking forward to absorbing that innovative West Coast mindset!