Can Your Data Keep up with Remote Work Culture?

can your data keep up with remote work culture

Over 80% of companies are pushing to expand their remote work force and capabilities, according to Pulse Secure's 2020 Remote Work From Home Cybersecurity Report. This change is expected to impact every industry as IT departments everywhere scramble to deal with all of the potential security concerns these new changes present. With the increase in remote work, data security is a greater concern, forcing employees to be more vigilant in a number of ways with cybersecurity experts urging IT personnel to make sure that remote employees stay safe. Additionally, enterprise data management is also a top priority as companies are now being tasked with not only securing, but also managing the entirety of their data remotely. Fortunately, there are a number of steps companies can consider to reduce the stress and burden of managing their remote workforce. Data Minimization Cleaning up redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT) files saves money on storage and makes managing files easier. Cloud Migration Moving enterprise data into the cloud allows companies to be more mobile, scalable and efficient. Data Analytics Dig deep into your own internal data to analyze and act on critical information that can help make smarter, more informed decisions.

Rafael Walden is a graduate of Portland State University and current solutions consultant at ZL Tech.