Rethinking Records: What Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Can Teach Us About Records Management

Same Old Song and Dance I’ll be honest– I’m so tired of superhero movies. I’m tired of origin stories, I’m tired of earth-threatening sky-beams, and I’m tired of after-credits sequences. After a […]

Files Analysis and Records Management

Different procedures. Same goals.

Imagine you wake up Monday morning with a nasty cold. You take some medicine, wish for the best, and, when that doesn’t work, head to a doctor. Your doctor will diagnose that […]

Information Governance: The Game

Moving beyond the buzzwords

The tech industry is riddled with buzzwords. New phrases get coined faster than old ones can go out of style. So it’s hardly surprising that when people hear ‘information governance’ they smile […]

How MER 2017 is Moving the Needle

From a RIM department to a RIM-focused enterprise

As far as IG-related conferences go, I’ve always liked MER. I think most would agree the practice of governing information can seem dry at times, and MER’s understanding of the discipline as […]

Security Meets Automation

In today’s information climate, security has to be automatic

The most popular topic for Doomsayers lately seems to be data privacy, and this concern is not completely without merit. The proliferation of information breaches and hacks paints the picture of a […]

Information: When Four Years isn’t Enough

The government’s struggle to graduate to better email management

In 2012, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of Management and Budget issued the Managing Government Records Directive, requiring federal agencies to save all email messages qualifying as […]