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File Shares are Costly

From storage to more hidden costs

Risks and Challenges Associated with File shares and Share Point According to a Norton survey, 49% of Americans use electronic storage methods for storing confidential data, including PII and PHI. And with […]


How the Gulf War Paved the Way for DoD Records Management Standard

Understanding the role of the Gulf war in paving the way for the DoD records management standards

Sarin, a chemical weapon used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, caused the infamous Gulf War Syndrome or sickness in 250,000 American soldiers. According to the findings, the illness was brought on […]


DoD 5015.02 Classified Explained

Delving deeper into the DoD 5015.02 Classified specifications, applicability, and requirements

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) introduced the Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications (DoD 5015.02) in collaboration with National Archive and Records Administration (NARA). The Baseline, Classified, and […]


Dark Data: Lose It or Use It

Tapping into the darkness of unstructured data and how to use it or lose it

If you are like most companies, your data is collecting dust – and a lot of it. 73% to 90% of organizational data is dark and unmanaged. To most, these stats are […]

m-19-21 directive deadline

Is Your Agency Ready to Achieve the M-19-21 Directive Deadline?

Understanding why government agencies struggle to meet the deadline and exploring the options for the M-19-21 Directive compliance

About less than a year from now, federal agencies in the United States must have converted their analog and paper records to electronic records. A government-wide policy from the National Archives and […]

legacy data cleanup

3 Tips for File Share and Legacy Data Cleanup

Initial steps to starting a legacy data cleanup project

We recently shared a short video detailing a few tips on how to start a data cleanup project. In this blog, we will provide additional background and context to further assist those […]