Introducing a better way to manage enterprise data.

ZL Tech delivers a singular platform for eDiscovery, Compliance, and Information Governance, while leveraging unstructured data for real-time business intelligence.

Unified control of enterprise data.

Organizations create and share more information than ever, yet it’s often ungoverned and unharnessed. ZL Tech enables organizations to regain control of electronic communications and documents while uncovering their true value, from a singular platform.

search, identify, cull emails and files


Search, identify and cull emails, files and the Microsoft ecosystem for eDiscovery, privacy regulations, and more.

enfornce retention and compliance policies


Enforce Retention and Compliance policies and defensibly delete documents in alignment with Privacy and Records Management.

capture key insights into workforce


Capture key insights into your workforce and business through on-the-fly analytics of enterprise communications and documents.

unified governance


Govern enterprise data by aligning policies for all functions, using both in-place and selective archiving.

Find out what sets us apart
microsoft gold partner

Born in the cloud.

The most versatile platform of its kind—via cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud. ZL Tech, a Microsoft co-sell partner, is driving transformation and helping companies get a better handle on their data from the comfort of the cloud.

Analytics reimagined.

We bring analytics to people data unlike any other platform. ZL Analytics delivers a complete picture of the enterprise by capturing key insights lying in employee-created documents and communications.

complete answers to key business questions


Answer key business questions by leveraging the full spectrum of enterprise data.

instant access to data and insights

In-place and in time

Bring data to life at 1000x speeds, with no need to copy or move data.

defensible privacy and governance functions


Analyze data in synergy with privacy and governance functions.