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Considered Leveraging That Microsoft Teams Data?

With everyone stuck at home, how has the technology adapted to a new, all remote workforce? The technologies that support remote work collaboration apps and tools have now become as essential for […]

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A Message From ZL Technologies Regarding COVID-19

To Our Customers, As you already know, the threat of COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the United States and around the world, affecting all businesses and, in many cases, causing […]

Martin Fedun: Set Up Your Project in a Way That Makes Sense

ZL’s team has a wide variety of perspectives on information governance, brought on by different roles, experiences, and knowledge. For this post, I interviewed account manager Martin Fedun about migration speedbumps and […]

How To Make Policy That Sticks

How to Make Your Policy Stick

So your organization’s adopted a new policy. Maybe it’s new government regulation, maybe you’ve adopted new software that will make managing your company more smoothly, or maybe you just want people to […]

How To Make Your Slide Decks More Engaging

How to Make Your Slide Decks More Engaging

Making slide decks and giving presentations are critical components of modern work. In fact, they’ve become so important that millennials use presentation software more often than they write anything long-form. However, popular […]