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Filling the Gaps with In-Place Data Management

Revolutionizing the way data is managed with in-place data management

Since the dawn of time, humans have kept data in multiple forms, including cave paintings, ceramics, and war crafts. However, the practice of retaining data has raised some eyebrows in the modern digital […]

Rethinking Compliance and the Microsoft Teams Archive

What we learned after interviewing over 140 IT decision-makers about their Microsoft Teams archive

Microsoft Teams hit the 145 million daily active user mark in April of this year. The explosive use of MS Teams and apps like it has forced companies to reevaluate compliance management. […]

why use third party solution for teams

Three Reasons IT Leaders Use a Third-Party Microsoft Teams Governance Solution

Recent study uncovers primary drivers for third-party Microsoft Teams governance solutions

In preparation for our upcoming webinar with Osterman Research, Addressing Microsoft Teams Compliance Risks, we will explore some of the leading drivers for adopting third-party governance solutions for Microsoft Teams. Surveying 143 […]


A New Approach to Enterprise File Analysis and Management

Learn how enterprise file management is evolving to reduce risks and increase corporate insight

As the importance of big data grows in business, so too has regulatory attention increased to protect against its misuse. This protection comes in many forms, from financial compliance laws such as […]


Study: Top Drivers for Implementing Microsoft Teams Governance

Exploring the importance of incorporating Microsoft Teams in data Governance strategies

ZL Tech recently partnered with Osterman Research to investigate how enterprises are archiving and protecting Microsoft Teams data. Surveying medium- and large-scale organizations that have adopted Microsoft Teams, 143 IT leaders were […]


What is SOX Compliance?

Answering the whos, whats, and hows of SOX archiving compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is a rather extensive piece of legislation comprised of 11 titles. However, this blog will exclusively cover the archiving compliance requirements outlined in Section 802: Criminal […]