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Flattening the Curve: The Data Behind Coronavirus Prevention

This week has been marred by the rapid spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, as cities all over the world assess what could be the biggest global pandemic since the Spanish Influenza. Many […]

Artificial Intelligence: What if the Bots Aren’t Going to Kill Us All?

One of the first things I read every time artificial intelligence is discussed is that the bots are coming to destroy us all. They may begin as digital kiosks at a taco […]

bandits after unmanaged dark data

Bandits Are After Your Unmanaged Dark Data!

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” This quote is often attributed to Mark Twain (though no one can seem to confirm that he said it), but it remains a timely […]

Automation in Data Management

Automation in Data Management

Filling the Manual Gaps

Managing data is a big challenge facing today’s businesses. Many organizations don’t think they have enough budget, staff, or knowledge to create and maintain a useful information governance program. Data management— the […]

A brief history of data

A Brief History of Data

From Crop Yields to Smart Fridges

There has been a lot of talk about data in the last few years. We hear about it in many ways, from how our privacy is at risk to how it’s going […]

search and indexing

Behind the Scenes of Search

A beginner's guide to full-text search and indexing

If given this post to find a certain keyword or phrase, your options would be: Fully read the text until you find it Scan through the text and hope you come across […]