Unparallelled Legal Defensibility


Efficient access of electronically-stored information (ESI) during litigation is no longer considered a luxury: it’s a mandated requirement. And with the modern enterprise continuing to generate unstructured data at an accelerating rate, legal teams are under increasing pressure to leverage technology in ways that streamline the discovery process while maintaining high levels of accuracy. The unified approach offered by ZL provides a uniquely comprehensive portal to the eDiscovery process that simultaneously meshes with other information governance needs.

Managing the contiguous steps of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) through a single platform has powerful data fidelity and time-saving consequences. No cumbersome data transfer means zero data corruption, and no time wasted on data reconciliation between software systems. The EDRM process becomes faster, integrated, and more accurate: offering legal teams a competitive edge when timing is critical.

With one of the fastest and most thorough search engines in the world, the Unified Archive® makes quick work of the early case assessment (ECA) process by narrowing billions of potential documents down to a handful using sophisticated search techniques. One-click legal hold instantly preserves information even if custodians lag in fulfilling their duties, and single-instance storage ensures that lingering copies of identical documents are never lurking in the shadows. Computer-assisted review (CAR), increasingly accepted and encouraged by the courts, further slashes review time by using predictive algorithms to “learn” how to decipher between responsive and unresponsive documents.


Key Benefits: Discovery Manager

End-to-End EDRM Experience

ZL Unified Archive® is one unified product that can view and access documents from the entire enterprise. Legal teams can accomplish the entire eDiscovery workflow without moving or re-processing any data from information management and preservation to review and production.

Complete Case Management

Automatically sends reminders, legal hold notices, and questionnaires to key custodians on a configurable schedule and includes a complete audit trail of every action taken within the system for full defensibility and reporting.

True Early Case Assessment

Whether you choose to archive documents or manage them in place, ZL Discovery Manager offers instant access to all enterprise data. This allows efficient ECA so that legal teams can view potentially damaging documents before formulating a discovery plan.

Computer-Assisted Review

Slash review time using computer assisted review features. Advanced algorithms “learn” from human input, developing predictive techniques to discern between responsive and unresponsive material.

Organized Production

The Discovery Manager allows users to redact documents, automatically generate privilege logs, and apply Bates labels to items for production.

Point Solution Flexibility

Unified Archive® eliminates the need for point solutions by providing a comprehensive e-Discovery solution. However, the flexibility to integrate with other software solutions is also an option for businesses with specific, pre-existing workflow needs.

Eliminate Legal Risk

Unified Archive® instantly collects and preserves existing documents across the organization at the click of a button. The solution can automatically preserve and classify all newly-created documents to eliminate the risk of spoliation.

Decrease Review Costs

Reduce the number of documents to be reviewed with powerful investigative searching, de-duplication, and automatic issue coding.

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