Seeking a Dell EMC SourceOne Email Archiving Alternative?

Meet ZL Tech Unified Archive

With EMC SourceOne End of Life date approaching at the end of 2024, many companies today are seeking a Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving Alternative option. A leader in data governance with 25 years of expertise, ZL Tech delivers cutting-edge solutions to regulatory technology requirements used by the Fortune 500 and beyond.

The ZL UA platform provides organizations with the capability to aggregate data from hundreds of different sources within a singular archive, delivering a unified platform for Compliance, eDiscovery, and Records Management. At its core, the platform offers 5 fundamental capabilities:

  • Unified Data management

    Enable archiving for Compliance, eDiscovery, and Records Management within a Unified Platform.
  • Manage-in-Place + Archiving

    Manage low value data in-place (without creating a copy) to save storage costs, while locking down high value data via archiving.
  • Defensible Deletion

    Defensibly delete data over time to minimize reliance on your archive.
  • Business Insights

    Leverage unstructured data for insight into the “human side” of the company.
  • Enterprise-Wide Search and Management

    While most governance applications create data silos, ZL operates and searches across the entire enterprise.

Data migration can seem like a massive undertaking. However, ZL Tech makes it easy, having assisted large companies in the banking and pharmaceutical sectors worldwide in migrating from SourceOne, handling data volumes exceeding 1PB.