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ZL GDPR Solutions

ZL GDPR Solutions enable organizations to analyze, search and act on personal data in enterprise repositories from a single platform. ZL's policy engine leverages metadata and content analysis to identify and remediate personal data. Built to handle billions of documents and virtually any data sources, ZL GDPR Solutions makes searching and managing data silos individually a thing of the past.

GDPR mandates complete control over personal data, yet few organizations even know where their personal data lies. ZL GDPR Solutions enable organizations to uncover and map their personal data within a single platform, providing a definitive point of access to key unstructured repositories.

A unified architecture eliminates the need for managing disparate repositories individually, saving time, resources, and potential fines. For organizations that want to take the guesswork out of GDPR compliance, ZL GDPR Solutions combine a singular design with global functionality to deliver unparalleled control over personal data.