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UA SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint's collaboration suite has become a near standard for large companies, and with it comes mountains of data. There are tools to manage the SharePoint sprawl, but are they effective? ZL UA is the solution that can consolidate all Sharepoint data and data types into one repository with one point of control.

Collaboration suites have become standard for many organizations, with Microsoft SharePoint utilized by an estimated half of Fortune 1000 firms. SharePoint’s many advantages, however, come with a corresponding increase in data proliferation often referred to as “SharePoint Sprawl,” leading to mounting challenges for records managers, legal teams, and compliance officers.

ZL UA is compatible with virtually every type of unstructured data in use in today’s enterprise, including all common email clients, SharePoint, Quickr, ECM-stored data, file shares, social media data, text messages, scanned paper documents (via OCR technology), Bloomberg data, images, PDFs, and much more. ZL UA is also extremely flexible; with complete control over the product’s code base, ZL is always able to adapt to evolving data types as they arise in enterprise usage.