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UA for File Archiving

ZL UA uses a single copy of a file across all platforms to not only reduce storage by 60-80% but eliminate the need for other data silos. Moreover, ZL UA offers the extensive ability to crawl and archive “living” file systems for real time management. This allows for unified data management policies while still maintaining granular functionality.

Documents and files present one of the more challenging aspects of unstructured data management. In contrast to communication such as emails, which are easily captured upon being sent, documents represent iterative processes where edits can spawn multiple similar copies, and single documents can have several editors. Despite this fluid environment, businesses are under immense pressure to keep accurate accounts of their business documents, for legal and compliance purposes alike.

ZL UA goes far beyond ECMs with the ability to ingest all unstructured data, regardless of “record” status. All data can be given lifecycle policies and managed for multiple purposes. And although ZL UA can be used to fully replace ECMs, it can also be used in conjunction with them to preserve user interfaces.