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UA for Enterprise Analytics™

ZL Enterprise Analytics™ (ZL EA) enables data-driven decision-making, deriving strategic intelligence from your People, Business, and Machine-generated data. Built on the integrated, full-stack ZL UA platform, ZL Enterprise Analytics™ provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise. Apply powerful enterprise-scale analytics to all business data across company-wide governance functions, from eDiscovery and compliance to file analysis.

In a typical firm with 10,000 employees, an average of 1.2 million email messages are sent, 220,000 instant messages chats are exchanged, and 50,000+ documents are created or updated each day. While enterprises have focused on providing business intelligence on data residing in data warehouses (typically structured in nature), a massive treasure-trove of enterprise knowledge in unstructured data, like emails, IMs and files, is commonly neglected.

ZL’s purpose-built, analytical applications can be used individually or in concert to correlate data across different people, businesses, and machines. The use of analytics in ZL UA and its various modules like ZL UA for eDiscovery and ZL File Analysis and Management offer advanced capabilities beyond traditional analytics solutions.