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Records & eDiscovery for Top 5 Automotive Manufacturer

With burdensome discovery expenses, compliance penalties, loss of confidential information, and impact to public image, storing enterprise data without control poses a large financial risk to organizations. In fact, this leading automotive manufacturer estimated their potential legal risk to be upwards of one billion USD.

To mitigate these threats, the customer chose ZL Tech’s eDiscovery and Records Management solutions to manage their employee-created data. The customer decided to have their platform deployed and fully managed by ZL Tech in the cloud as a SaaS solution, removing the headache of managing it themselves.

ZL Tech solutions provide the customer with a single source of truth and universal control over their data. This newfound data management capability allows the customer to perform true enterprise-wide searches, arming them with the legal ammunition they needed to perform early case assessments, device legal strategies, and conduct eDiscovery requests.

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