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MER Sapient Webinar: Modernizing RIM with in-place management

Over the past few decades, there has been a complete change in the environment in which RIM operates. As the volume of human-created data increases significantly each year, so too does the number of digital business records under management. Simultaneously, a slew of far-reaching regulations and escalating legal and compliance requirements have been mandated, complicating the RIM landscape. The bad news is that the traditional RIM is no longer as relevant in this era of digital transformation. The good news is RIM is poised to take front and center stage in this new age of Information Governance via a new paradigm: in-place data management. This concept enables practitioners to scale records management to increased data volumes, while synergistically enabling all of this “people data” for business intelligence—and without the additional cost and risk associated with archiving. Join us to find out how this new approach to information management promises to upgrade RIM and position it as a focal point for business intelligence and corporate memory.