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Illuminate the Human Side of the Enterprise with Analytics

How well do you really know the people that drive your company?

In today’s increasingly distributed workforce, there’s limited visibility into the day-to-day working lives of our employees. Companies have difficulty gathering insight into the behavior of their workforce using traditional methods, and critical questions remain unanswered. For example:

  • Who are the top performers? Who shows potential, and what do they need/want to become top performers?
  • Who are the subject matter experts?
  • Who are your organization’s most respected/influential leaders?
  • Who is the least and most engaged? Who is likely to quit, and why?

This webinar will show how we can uncover real insights into the human side of the company by tapping into its most valuable knowledge repository: the database of all communications within the enterprise. Every day, employees create reams of unstructured data via emails, messages, and files, which contain a wealth of insight, but are typically left untouched. This data holds the power to reveal employee sentiment and intent, delivering insights based not on surveys, but rather on behavior.

The next era of “people analytics” lives where your employees are their more authentic selves, yielding more reliable insights into what you can do to address their wants and needs…toward creating a strong, coherent culture that promotes an ever-more vibrant and inclusive workforce.

It’s time that companies harness the most powerful indicator of human behavior that it has: communication. And finally, bring the out-of-sight, insight.

Speaker: Kon Leong, CEO and Co-Founder, ZL Tech