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Harness Microsoft Teams Data for Governance and Compliance

Microsoft Teams and other collaboration platforms present a unique challenge for those tasked with governing it. The platform is an amalgamation of data types, merging chats, calls, images, and files together under one roof. And unlike other corporate communication tools, MS Teams hosts live, casual conversations that accurately reflect employee sentiment and attitudes. The candid nature of the platform, mixed with its complexity of data types, makes it one of the most important--and difficult--applications to manage.

Collaboration apps, like MS Teams, present additional compliance challenges as well. Privacy regulations (such as CCPA and GDPR) and industry regulations (such as SEC and FINRA) may require organizations to oversee all communications to review those deemed non-compliant. Staying on top of these trends in both communication and regulation is critical to reducing risks and preventing violations.

Join us to learn how to best manage MS Teams, mitigate compliance risks, and gain an insight into the human side of the enterprise with analytics into MS Teams data. We will showcase the best strategies to future-proof your MS Teams Governance for 2022.