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Advanced Sampling

ZL UA's Advanced Sampling feature is perfect for companies looking to limit the number of messages presented for review. Using highly configurable settings and lexicon policies, this feature can decrease the number of messages for review by up to 90% by reducing false positives, saving both time and money for the organization.

Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) organizations that perform supervision to ensure compliance with regulatory and organizational policies, often find themselves reviewing too many emails. Whether due to the sheer volume of relevant emails or undesirable false positives, often from disclaimers and signatures, organizations are looking for ways to review the most severe emails while maintaining compliance without spending exorbitant amounts of time or resources.

ZL Advanced Sampling module has a feature that allows an administrator to choose a percentage of the flagged email to be presented in the reviewer’s Inbox, and a feature to selectively configure these percentage level settings for different message types (i.e. Bloomberg, IM, email, etc).