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ZL’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kon Leong, to speak at Prestigious 56th Annual ARMA International Conference

Published by: ZL Tech

Session to Focus on the Future of Digital RIM and eDiscovery

SAN JOSE, CA – Oct. 13, 2011 ZL Technologies, Inc., he leader in archiving and eDiscovery software for large organizations, announced today that CEO and co-founder, Kon Leong, has been selected to speak at the 56th Annual ARMA International Conference & Expo, a premier gathering of specialists in records and information management.

ARMA International is the oldest and largest association for the records and information management profession with more than 11,000 members worldwide. This year’s event is being held October 17-19, 2011 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center near Washington, D.C.

Mr. Leong will be speaking on the topic of “The Digital Future of RIM” on the first day of the conference in Room 845 of the ARMA Expo Hall. In this session, Mr. Leong will discuss ways in which large enterprises can effectively manage the exponential growth of electronic information from millions of documents into the billions. The highlights of this session will include:

  • Why the enterprise is challenged by escalating demands in electronic records keeping which has far outgrown the old practice of end-user manual tagging of e-mails and files as records.
  • How enterprises can leverage technology to handle today’s massive volumes of electronic e-mail and documents through automatic classification of records into the appropriate file plans.
  • Why automated classification must also be augmented by manual overrides, and maintain proper authorization controls and audit trails.

Mr. Leong will also speak about “The Changing Landscape of eDiscovery” on Tuesday, October 18th, in Room 1035 at the ARMA Expo Hall. This session will highlight an emerging new trend in the legal industry known as “unified eDiscovery.” Unified eDiscovery creates one continuous process from start to finish for all eDiscovery related tasks, thus eliminating the need to move data around and reducing related delays and overhead costs. Mr. Leong’s presentation will address:

  • Why corporations are moving away from expensive “reactive” eDiscovery that begins only after a trigger event, such as the filing of a lawsuit, to “proactive” eDiscovery where data is kept constantly updated in preparation for litigation.
  • Why more corporations are bringing eDiscovery in-house to better control costs and results.
  • How cutting-edge technology is now integrating proactive eDiscovery into “Unified eDiscovery” where all the processes are executed in a seamless process without moving data, versus current practices which require slow and expensive passing of data between processes and review tools.

“The explosive growth in electronic information has resulted in the proliferation of data ‘silos’ which exacerbates the problem of duplicate data copies and complicates the enforcement of consistent retention policies across silos,” explains Mr. Leong. “Also, with the rapid convergence of eDiscovery, records management and compliance, there is a compelling need for a holistic solution to consolidate the data silos. In this scenario, only a unified archive can solve the challenge of maintaining one and only one data copy, applying one consistent retention policy and delivering one true view of the data across the enterprise. Accordingly, investing in point solutions today may not fit with a long-term strategy.”