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ZL Unified Archive® 8.0.4 Unleashes New Capabilities for Next-Generation eDiscovery

Enhanced Analysis, Workflow, and Processing Features Empower In-House Legal Teams to Conduct Rapid and Cost-Effective Early Case Assessment, Without Moving Data

Published by: Marketwired

MILPITAS, CA–(Marketwired – August 04, 2016) – ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in unified information governance and analytics for the large enterprise, today introduced ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA) 8.0.4. The release showcases new eDiscovery functionality designed to put in-house legal teams in the driver’s seat of the early litigation process, empowering rapid and data-driven strategic decisions during early case assessment (ECA). The new product version, with emphasis on usability, analytics, and workflow directly within the archive, further helps slash the volume of data in the earliest and most time-sensitive stages of the discovery process.

ZL provides a fundamentally different approach to eDiscovery by providing a singular information governance platform, powered by the underlying ZL BigDB™ engine and NoSQL architecture. Within this cohesive environment, all discovery and legal functions can be performed seamlessly, without import or export of data. By embedding control, functionality, and processing power at the far left side of the EDRM, ZL empowers in-house legal teams to quickly assess data and drive favorable outcomes.

New eDiscovery features in ZL UA 8.0.4 include:

  • Sophisticated ECA and Analytics Within the Archive Informed case strategy decisions require extensive search and access of enterprise data sources. New ZL UA features allow in-house counsel to rapidly search and cull billions of records and business communications via use of ZL UA’s search so that the organization can minimize data volume and maximize accuracy. Advanced hierarchical tagging capabilities facilitate the early culling process, and email threading can often reduce downstream review volumes by 25% or more.
  • Reinvented UI and Visualization Features Easier-to-use features put the legal team in control of eDiscovery outcomes, from day one. The ZL UA 8.0.4 interface has been revamped for ease of use, allowing more detailed and precise visualizations of data to be conducted in the earliest possible stages of eDiscovery, before case details are decided. Easier navigation drives rapid results with better legal outcomes, and customizable workflows empower the in-house team to work in the way that’s most effective for them.
  • Advanced Keyword Negotiation Tools Never let opposing counsel have the upper hand with keywords. Improved search infrastructure and processing provides legal teams with access to iterative keyword analytics and reporting, allowing them to fully contextualize and quantify the topics that are most likely to be relevant.

The ultimate outcome for ZL UA’s new discovery enhancements is a rapid, accurate, and responsive ECA environment in which in-house legal professionals may leverage industry-leading functionality to optimize existing practices and desired workflows. Whether the enterprise strives to conduct full end-to-end eDiscovery entirely within the archive or to simply use the archive to conduct initial identification and culling, ZL UA has all of the sophistication and scale required to tackle the most complex of data-driven litigation challenges.