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ZL Technologies to be Featured at 930Gov Federal Year-End Technology Showcase

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Fiscal Year-End Event Designed for Agencies to Optimize Strategic Use of IT Budget

SAN JOSE, CA – Aug. 19, 2013 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in unified information governance technology for large organizations, is set to be featured at the 930Gov Showcase in Washington, DC, on August 21st. The event, organized by the Digital Government Institute (DGI), enables federal attendees to explore sessions led by industry thought leaders and to engage directly with leading-edge vendors of eDiscovery, cloud, records management, and other information governance solutions before the end of the fiscal year in September. With a heavy focus on strategic implementation, the showcase is engineered for government practitioners to best leverage their remaining budget on technology that tackles the specific needs of public sector information management while providing long-term efficiency.

This year’s event comes on the heels of a number of government-led initiatives to streamline IT systems and increase efficacy. Explosive data growth continues to overwhelm even the best-equipped organizations, and IT strategy is increasingly seen as a means of not only controlling essential information, but also benefitting directly from it. With deadlines for the Presidential Records Memorandum drawing near, consolidation of data centers underway, and an ongoing effort to move federal systems to the cloud, agencies are under more pressure than ever to leverage technology for long-term return on investment. The push to de-duplicate informational overlap and needless redundancy is increasing the demand for data infrastructure that can eliminate isolated data “silos” and be used for multiple applications such as eDiscovery, records management, storage, global search, and eFOIA applications.

ZL’s Unified Archive® (ZL UA) was purposely designed to answer these needs by providing a single-platform approach for harnessing unstructured data within large organizations. By providing immensely scalable GRID architecture, ZL UA eliminates data silos and offers agencies a single, centralized environment for the proactive management of electronically-stored information (ESI). From this singular framework, data can be globally searched in seconds based on granular criteria, managed for lifecycle and retention purposes, and securely stored with DoD 5015 certified security, as well as be leveraged for analytics. With options for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments and full Google Mail (Gmail) compatibility, ZL UA answers the federal need for information management that is flexible enough to meet diverse government requirements for archiving while still offering industry-leading levels of security.

With proven federal customers and vast experience with enterprise-class organizations, ZL Technologies is a natural fit for 930Gov’s strategic focus. Attendees at the event can speak with ZL Technologies representatives and obtain more information about federal deployments at Booth 305 on the showcase exhibition floor.