Nov 11, 2016

Speaking Session Will Highlight Best Practices for Enterprise Search

MILPITAS, CA–(Marketwired – November 10, 2016) – ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in unified information governance and analytics for the large enterprise, today announced Associate General Counsel, Linda Sharp’s appearance at Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016. Taking place from November 15-17 at the JW Marriot in Washington, DC, the event will showcase thought leaders in enterprise search. The details of Sharp’s speaking session are as follows:

Title: “Insights into Search”

Time: Wednesday, November 16, 10:45AM-11:30AM


  • Linda G. Sharp, Associate General Counsel, ZL Technologies

  • Laurent Fanichet, VP of Marketing, Sinequa

True enterprise search is an elusive concept in today’s age of data silos. Data is too often stored in discrete environments and repositories, leading to duplicate files, disjointed retention, and inconsistent search. For IT professionals, legal teams, and records managers who want a complete view of enterprise data, a unified solution is the only option. ZL’s information governance platform, Unified Archive®, provides a singular architecture in which all enterprise data can be managed. The result is a single set of data free of duplicates, enabling retention policies to work in synergy with legal holds, and a quick, enterprise-wide search.

“I’m excited to share some proactive strategies for ensuring the integrity and efficiency of enterprise search,” said Sharp.

Please see the event webpage for more information.

About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies makes Unified Archive® software (ZL UA) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content such as email, files, and instant messages to satisfy corporate needs for eDiscovery, records management, regulatory compliance, information governance, and storage management. By providing singular and comprehensive data management architecture, it also enables business content to be leveraged proactively for analytics and competitive advantage, via ZL Enterprise Analytics™ (ZL EA). ZL UA’s unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which consolidates all applications and billions of documents under one platform, thus eliminating today’s fractured data silos which significantly raise operating costs, increase legal risk, and derail effective Big Data analytics initiatives. Demonstrating a proven track record with Global 500 customers and strategic partnerships with major players such as Oracle, Unisys, PwC, and SunGard, ZL has emerged as the technology leader in harnessing unstructured “Big Data” for strategic advantage. For more information, please visit