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ZL Technologies Selected as Finalist in KMWorld Promise and Reality Awards

Published by: Marketwired

Innovation, Leadership, and Product Performance Highlighted in Leading Award Program for Knowledge Management Technology

SAN JOSE, CA – Nov. 5, 2013 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in comprehensive unstructured data governance for large organizations, has formally been announced as a finalist for the KMWorld Promise and Reality Awards. The distinction, determined on an annual basis, aims to recognize innovative companies that have helped customers achieve groundbreaking Knowledge Management strategies while maintaining integrity in marketing and sales practices. The ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA), as ZL Technologies’ flagship product, was the primary determining factor in ZL’s selection as a finalist.

This year’s competition marks the second time that ZL Technologies has been recognized as a contender in both the KM Promise and KM Reality Awards. With repeated involvement in KMWorld recognition programs, including past listing in the “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management,” ZL has proven itself a leader in a field that aims to use information and document control for business advantage. The Unified Archive® platform, using elastic architecture for the ingestion and management of all unstructured data, embodies this philosophy by allowing the enterprise to centralize control of all information, for all interrelated data management needs. By spanning all applications commonly grouped under the definition of Knowledge Management, ZL UA allows customers to seamlessly leverage data for Records Management, eDiscovery, Compliance, storage, search, and analytics tasks, all in one massively scalable environment. Data “silos,” which notoriously form barriers to an effective Knowledge Management strategy, are eliminated with the ZL UA approach.

KMWorld is the leading publisher and informational resource in the Knowledge Management and content management field, issuing a prolific array of materials, best practices guidelines, and buyer guides to help businesses optimize performance via management of unstructured information. Their public announcement of KM Reality and Promise Award winners will be made during the 17th annual KMWorld Conference and Enterprise Solutions Showcase, scheduled for November 6-8 in Washington, DC.