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ZL Technologies Invests in Future Technology Workforce With IT Donation to University of Akron’s Computer Science Department

Published by: Marketwired

The University Uses the Unique Donation to Educate Students on a More Strategic Approach to Information Governance

SAN JOSE, CA – January 15, 2015 ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in total information governance for the large enterprise, today announced that it has donated a server pre-loaded with the Unified Archive® software (ZL UA) to the University of Akron’s Computer Science Department. The deployment, which also includes the public Enron Corpus data set, will be used to train and support students planning careers and research related to enterprise-scale information management.

ZL’s Chief Technology Officer, Arvind Srinivasan, attended the University’s doctorate program and understands the need for continued education and research in the growing field of “Big Data” management and analytics. Due to privacy and legal restrictions, the Enron Corpus is one of the only publicly-available mass collections of real-world business communications available for study. Paired with ZL UA, students will be able to learn the technical intricacies of information governance and be better prepared to enter a workforce which is increasingly data-driven.

The bulk of the growth identified in corporate data sets over the past several years has transitioned from the structured data of machine systems to the “unstructured” data of human communications. However, the most prevalent way of handling unstructured data is with specialized applications that create data “silos” and segment information based on their file type or business role. Unfortunately, silos cause problems such as duplicate copies of data, inconsistent search and disjointed data policies, which together result in loss of data control that creates risk as well as minimizes the strategic potential of unstructured content. The data silo approach is not scalable for companies managing rapid data growth. In contrast, the information governance approach used by ZL UA leverages eDiscovery, records management, compliance, and storage controls within a single-architecture solution to eliminate silos and duplicate data sets, thus providing consistent search and a coordinated data retention process for more effective data control.

“Large-scale information governance is getting traction with the visionary Fortune 1000 based on not only the cost savings it can offer, but also the ability to instantly respond to business requirements,” noted Arvind Srinivasan, CTO of ZL Technologies. “But like many forward-leaning areas of innovation, there is a shortage of qualified professionals that can leverage this important market-disrupting technology. We hope this donation will help the university prepare future graduates to enter the workforce and research arenas armed with powerful skills that will that matter to corporations and other large organizations.”

ZL UA is a singular solution that holistically manages all of the core requirements of information governance, including eDiscovery, compliance, records management and storage optimization. This unified platform is capable of managing billions of documents — including unstructured and structured content — from a consolidated point of control and shared code base. This allows IT executives to scale up to even the most demanding environments, with flexible information management infrastructure that can seamlessly meet all existing business needs within the same product.