Jan 05, 2016

Membership Underscores the Strategic, Multidisciplinary Nature of Enterprise-Wide Information Governance Efforts and Supports Active Advancement of Data Management Strategy

Milpitas, CA – January 5, 2016 ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in unified information governance for the large enterprise, today announced its extended relationship with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), the world’s premier think tank for information management practices. As a member of the organization, ZL actively supports both the advancement of information governance strategy and its best practices, as well as ongoing education for practitioners of information governance within the business. The renewal of membership marks a continued close relationship, with ZL already having an established track record of speaking and event presence with IGI’s Executive Director Barclay Blair and IGI Co-Chair Jason Baron.

In a world of rapidly-expanding unstructured content, the principles of basic information governance strategy have become more critical to business outcomes than ever before. However, many organizations still struggle to gain meaningful control of the human-generated content found in files, emails, social media, and other human communications. The Information Governance Initiative, rather than endorsing specific devices or solutions, proactively collaborates with thought leaders in the field to derive meaningful best practices and guidelines for effective and profitable data management strategies that maximize business potential.

“ZL has long been known for forging forward-leaning governance philosophies ahead of the curve, and we’re honored to continue supporting an organization that is in lock-step with the ideals we’ve valued for well over a decade,” stated Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “Information Governance Initiative is at the forefront of making data management a proactive business-driver rather than a reactive function, and we’re excited for the insightful discussions that our continued partnership will bring.”

About the Information Governance Initiative

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance practices and technologies through research, publishing, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking. The IGI publishes research, benchmarking surveys, and guidance for practitioners that is freely available on its website. Join the IGI Community, a place for practitioners from all facets of IG to come together and learn from each other. The IGI was founded by recognized leaders in the field of Information Governance, and is supported by leading providers of Information Governance products and services.

About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies, Inc. makes Unified Archive® software (“ZL UA”) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content to satisfy corporate archiving needs for eDiscovery, records management, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, storage management, and analytics. It also enables the same unstructured content to become the organization’s Corporate eMemoryvia analytics for competitive advantage, such as the ability to share knowledge, expertise, and history across the enterprise. ZL UA’s unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which consolidates all applications and billions of documents under one platform, thus eliminating today’s fractured data silos which significantly raise operating costs and legal risks. Demonstrating a proven track record with Global 500 customers and strategic partnerships with major players such as Oracle, PwC, and SunGard, ZL has emerged as the technology leader in harnessing unstructured “Big Data” for strategic advantage. For more information, please visit dev.zlti.com.

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