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ZL Technologies’ CEO to Discuss Big Data Management and Analytics on Center Stage at CeBIT 2015

Published by: Marketwired

Prestigious Center Stage Keynote Focuses on the Challenges of Big Data Management and How Ineffective Governance Limits the Potential of Analytics

SAN JOSE, CA – March 12, 2015 ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), a leader in enterprise-scale unstructured Big Data governance for the Global 1000, announced today its official exhibition and speaking role at CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Germany. The conference, which is scheduled for March 16-20, is the single largest and most international IT event in the world: drawing up to 300,000 business professionals per year. This year, ZL Technologies’ CEO Kon Leong will take Center Stage with the keynote presentation “Big Data Analytics Needs Big Data Management,” scheduled for March 17th at 10:45 – 11:15 AM CET. The company will also be exhibiting on the show floor in Hall 5, Stand A-50 as part of the Big Data Pavilion.

The conference’s famed speaking sessions, which have previously hosted visionaries such as Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Wales, are renowned for their leading content and big-picture view of the digital-social landscape. ZL’s session for the 2015 event focuses on the necessity of information governance as the foundation for data analysis, particularly for the unstructured content of human communication within the business. This perspective provides a revolutionary contrast to a current analytics market which focuses disproportionately on specialty tools rather than the completeness and representativeness of the data being processed.

Big Data is no longer a just a buzzword; it has become a burdensome challenge as organizations struggle to harness information for strategic value. Despite the growing sophistication of analytics algorithms and tools, the business world is often failing to realize the full potential of analytics. The reason for this isn’t typically the tools themselves, but rather the quality and completeness of the data provided to them. Existing requirements such as legal needs and government regulations mean that businesses must attempt to manage information, but current attempts often leave data scattered and duplicated across “silos” that were implemented to fulfil narrow functions. These data silos have impeded attempts to pool data for analytics, and present numerous problems with sampling and relevancy of information.

“The current tool-centric approach to analytics is myopic, as it largely neglects the necessity of long-term data governance practices,” noted Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “Information that has not been properly managed has little value for analytics, and businesses are increasingly realizing this as they unsuccessfully try to leverage data stored within fractured IT infrastructure. We are honored to be invited to the world’s premier business IT event as demonstrated experts on this growing issue, and our presence on Center Stage emphasizes the immense impact of the management problems facing business analytics.”

ZL’s flagship offering, ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA), offers enterprise-scale organizations a groundbreaking and consolidated way to globally manage and access the growing volumes of data generated in the course of daily business, without the impediment of data silos. This capability provides unparalleled control for existing requirements — such as eDiscovery, records management, and compliance needs — as well as a holistic corpus of enterprise data on which to conduct analysis. Elimination of data silos empowers unmatched control of enterprise data, increasing security and defensibility as well as presenting the opportunity to analyze diverse data types in the same environment.

Detailed information on ZL Technologies’ attendance at CeBIT 2015 event can be found at the dedicated ZL event page.