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ZL Technologies Announces Release of Groundbreaking File Analysis and Management Capabilities

Published by: Marketwired

New Offering Is the First to Seamlessly Combine Granular File Share Analysis Options With Perpetual Governance Functionality

MILPITAS, CA–(Marketwired – April 20, 2016) – ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in enterprise information governance and analytics, today announced the release of ZL File Analysis and Management. The new file analysis capabilities scale to the enormous, growing demand to reign in corporate file share environments by joining advanced analytics capabilities with industry-leading governance architecture. By allowing an unprecedented range of flexibility in handling files and their subsequent management, ZL allows large organizations to convert risky, unmanaged content into an informational asset.

ZL File Analysis and Management is unique in its ability to directly handle files governance immediately after detailed analysis. Built on the governance foundation of ZL Unified Archive (ZL UA), ZL File Analysis and Management can quickly and accurately assess massive corporate file share environments, as well as directly ingest and assign policy-based control to selected items. The result is a file analysis environment that can provide unparalleled governance, rather than just analysis, of content.

Unique features of ZL File Management and Analysis include:

  • File Analysis and Information Governance ZL can analyze files and directly set policies on desired content for permanent management, without having to import, export, or transfer content to a separate platform. Rather than simply reporting on the file environment and its contents, ZL’s file analysis can actively ingest and govern data without further supporting architecture.
  • Metadata and Content Analysis ZL’s file analysis capabilities can dig deep below the surface to locate at-risk content such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers, PII, PCI, and PHI as well as other sensitive patterns within the body of documents, which metadata analysis alone cannot detect.
  •  Accelerated Analysis Most analysis tools conduct only a basic assessment of file metadata, yielding file size, age, author, location, and other descriptive qualities. Alternately, tools that offer full-text indexing and analysis may be prohibitively slow or expensive. ZL enables snap analysis of selected content at a glance, allowing the organization to quickly decide where to direct additional efforts before conducting a full-scale content analysis.

“File analysis in isolation does little to reign in the sprawl of data in enterprise file shares, but it does provide a starting point for making better data management decisions,” said Michael Osterman, founder of Osterman Research, Inc. “By combining file analysis with unified information governance, decision makers can develop a true, long-term strategy that avoids the pitfalls of having to repeatedly conduct file cleanup projects. Governance-driven file analysis is not a one-time ‘project’ but rather a way to continually assess content and then seamlessly transition into policy assignment, classification, and ongoing control.”

“Conducting a single file analysis and cleanup project is like cleaning your house once; eventually, you’ll just need to clean it again,” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “For long-term sustainability, file analysis needs to be embedded within information governance architecture, and ZL File Analysis and Management does exactly that.”

For more information on ZL’s groundbreaking file analysis approach, visit the product website here.


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