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ZL Technologies Advances Market-Leading Proactive Analytics With Two New Products

Published by: Marketwired

New Offerings Leverage ZL’s Award-Winning Enterprise Analytics™ Platform as the Foundation for Real-Time, Enterprise-Wide Insight Into People Data

Milpitas, CA – October 1, 2015ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in enterprise-scale information governance and analytics, today announced the availability of two new products, ZL Email Analytics™ and ZL Content Insight™. The two new products within the ZL Enterprise Analytics™ (ZL EA) environment leverage human-generated big data, deriving value from existing content. Simultaneously addressing information governance needs and demand for best-of-breed analytics, the new products enable organizations to unlock the true potential of a major data category — People Data — to enhance business decision-making and performance.

Despite the increased reliance on analytics as a critical business driver, the majority of current analytics products function largely as stand-alone data “silos.” ZL, on the contrary, provides effective information governance by building unstructured analytics capabilities directly within a singular data management architecture. Less than six months after its launch, ZL EA is already receiving recognition as a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2015 for rich, immediate 360° insight it provides enterprises.

Nik Rouda, senior analyst at leading research firm Enterprise Strategy Group notes, “A unified and robust analytics platform is critical to organizations of all sizes in order to maximize the business value of content that already must be managed for other needs. ZL Technologies’ Enterprise Analytics™ platform and two newly launched products, Email Analytics™ and Content Insight™, provide enterprises with the right tools to take a proactive approach to their analytics and be well-attuned to the patterns and anomalies that emerge in human-generated data.”

By governing data in the same environment in which it is analyzed, raw data is always seamless to access and manipulate. ZL Email Analytics™ and ZL Content Insight™, build on this foundation with the following key capabilities focused on harnessing vital People Data, which includes emails, files, calendar entries, file shares, MS SharePoint, mobile messaging, enterprise IM, social media and much more:

  • ZL Email Analytics™ allows CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other decision-makers to detect important patterns and form valuable connections between people and teams within the organization. It derives business intelligence from any and all information pertaining to email traffic including message subject, recipients, attachments, and text content. ZL’s powerful technology stands apart from competitors who can only provide header analysis, with the ability to analyze both the body of email and header information.
  • ZL Content Insight™ makes knowledge management easy: empowering enterprises to identify effective ways to disseminate relevant information across the organization and find key subject matter experts. It analyzes all files written by and exchanged between employees within a company to elucidate key contributors, critical workflows and unmanaged “dark data” systems such as sprawling file shares. From a data security standpoint, Content Insight helps safeguard sensitive information, such as PII, PCI, PHI, etc., while pinpointing unusual activities like inappropriate access and abnormal data growth.

“The mainstream analytics paradigm is broken,” said Kon Leong, CEO and co-founder of ZL Technologies. “Tedious sampling and use of point tools undermine Big Data’s potential. Instead, our Email Analytics™ and Content Insight™ are built upon a foundation of information governance, allowing analysis in real-time. As we continue to innovate, our customers will benefit from ZL EA’s holistic approach to cross-analyzing data sources for powerful big-picture perspective.”

With a long-term, comprehensive approach to information governance that enables analysis across all People Data within an organization, the ZL platform and its two new core products offer countless powerful use cases that can be explored, including:

  • HR Analytics: To-date, most HR analytics tools have focused on structured information such as payroll data. ZL EA goes beyond existing HR industry capabilities by leveraging both unstructured data and HR system data for deeper insights. By utilizing existing corporate communications to give leadership unique insights into diverse data types and better access to intelligence, HR analytics can help build a happier, more productive workplace.
  • Domain Expertise: One of the biggest challenges large businesses face is understanding and mobilizing individual team members’ expertise, and avoiding unnecessary overlap in efforts. By mining unstructured work data such as documents and business email to get a better understanding of individual skills and connections, ZL EA helps companies build stronger teams and leverage all employees’ unique skills and expertise.
  • Social Network Analysis: An employee’s personal connections within the organization can be just as valuable as their knowledge and skills. ZL EA has the ability to run Social Network Analysis (SNA) algorithms to answer “who knows who” and “who knows what” within the business sphere. By analyzing corporate email communications, ZL EA uncovers entities and relationships that don’t always make it into centralized contact databases.

For more information on ZL Enterprise Analytics™, visit the ZL EA product page.