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ZL Tech Opens New Hyderabad Office for Unstructured Data and Analytics Innovation

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Company to onboard over 70 new engineering and R&D personnel during Q2 to execute on data and analytics roadmap.

MILPITAS, California –ZL Technologies, the leader in harnessing unstructured data for strategic advantage, today announced the opening of a new office in Hyderabad, India, which will support 70+ new employees dedicated to developing ZL Tech’s state-of-the-art governance and analytics technology, which is used by large organizations to harness unstructured “human” data such as electronic communications and files.

New engineering resources will be used to accelerate product innovation in the following key areas

“Our engineering growth underscores ZL’s commitment to deliver a platform built on the cutting edge of unstructured data technology,” said Kon Leong, CEO and co-founder of ZL Tech. “ChatGPT has shifted the world’s attention to the power of unstructured data—which is all digital information created by humans, for humans. And now, our role is to help convert the vast repository of all human communications data across the enterprise into corporate memory and knowledge.

This news follows recent noteworthy platform advancements from ZL Tech that now enable organizations to search, manage, and analyze the entire repository of unstructured data without creating data copies. This data represents the human side of the company, illuminating workforce dynamics and engagement. Because of its impact on corporate performance and governance, tapping unstructured data for insights is the next frontier of AI and analytics.

Until now, such data has been largely invisible. Previous data management methods relied on exporting data into smaller workspaces, creating performance bottlenecks, data silos, and privacy and governance-related risks. However, the innovative approach is to manage data “in-place,” which reduces both costs and risks, while merging information governance with analytics.

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