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ZL Tech Announces Strategic Partnership with NS Solutions to Deliver Digital Transformation for Enterprise Customers

Published by: GlobeNewswire

MILPITAS, Calif., June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZL Tech, the leader in unstructured information management and analytics, today announced a partnership with NS Solutions, a leading systems integrator and IT solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Together, ZL Tech and NS Solutions will deliver a software solution for harnessing unstructured data, including Microsoft 365 and Teams data, along with other data sources, such as instant messages, mobile text messages, cloud-based and on-premises file shares, and many other data types. The partnership addresses the growing demand in Japan to unify management of all unstructured data on a single platform, using AI/ML to extract insight from human-created information while also minimizing compliance risks and legal liabilities. The joint offering enables large corporations to search across the entire enterprise, a key requirement for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, ESG, GRC, privacy, internal investigations, and analytics.

NS Solutions, an IT subsidiary of the steel industry giant Nippon Steel, brings deep expertise in the manufacturing, financial services, and public sectors, as well as extensive knowledge and reach into Japan and the APAC market.

The release of this joint offering is timely, given the explosive need for large companies to gather insight into how their remote workforces collaborate during the pandemic. Unstructured data created by employees, such as messages and files, offer keen insights into the human side of the corporation. Unfortunately, today these insights are often inaccessible, preventing leadership teams from gathering any holistic picture of the human and informational dynamics across the enterprise. The ZL Tech platform addresses these challenges by harnessing unstructured data with three key differentiators:

  • Unified Platform:
    • Data sources: ZL Tech unifies company data from across the enterprise to create a virtual, managed data lake for governance and analytics.
    • Functions: The ZL platform consolidates data management – eDiscovery, compliance, records, privacy, and analytics – into one platform so that tasks and policies act as one. These unified functions can be leveraged via in-place management (no copy) as well as archiving.
  • Scalability: The platform scales to handle tens of billions of documents, setting new industry records in data size and search speeds. The platform supports management of all unstructured data.
  • Accelerates Time-to-Data by 100X: By finding data wherever it lies, and delivering it for analytics without requiring access to the original documents, the platform increases speed to insights by a hundredfold or more.

The partnership will commence with the deployment of information management services for a joint enterprise customer, enabling the large corporation to leverage its Microsoft 365 and Teams data for better governance and insight into their operations.

“We’re honored to work alongside NS Solutions to deliver what the market needs today: consolidated data governance and knowledge management,” said Kon Leong, ZL CEO. “Their substantial presence in the enterprise market in Japan, combined with ZL’s cutting-edge data management technologies, will accelerate true digital transformation for global competitive advantage.”

Please visit to learn more, or click here to read NS Solutions’ press release (for Japanese language).

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