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ZL Signs Tier 1 Reseller Agreement with NTT Data Security

ZL Expands its Japan Channel Strategy to the Next Level

Published by: Bloomberg

SAN JOSE, CA – May. 27, 2009

ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in Integrated Content Archiving of email, IM, and files for compliance, storage optimization, and eDiscovery, today announces that effective May 1, 2009, NTT Data Security Corporation of Japan (NDS) has signed on as a non-exclusive Tier 1 reseller. NDS provides a broad range of system integration and consulting services, especially in the arena of enterprise information security management. NDS will resell ZL Unified Archive®, which has been localized with Japanese user interface (UI) and optimization for character language indexing and searching.

E-mail archiving is in high demand in Japan, driven by regulatory compliance needs of the Japanese equivalent of the U.S.’ Sarbanes-Oxley Act (often referred to as J-SOX), internal corporate governance policies, and by the need to get solve the problem of overloaded e-mail and file servers.

ZL has a strong presence with many large enterprise customers in the Japanese market, where a leading analyst firm in Japan observes that any enterprise archiving over 10,000 mailboxes could consider ZL UA. Although ZL already works with well-established channel partners in Japan, it expects the partnership with NTT Data Security to add significant selling capabilities through its parent NTT Data and its group companies to meet Japanese market demand for a truly scalable e-mail archiving and management solution.

NDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Data, one of the largest IT organizations in Japan, whose strength lies in selling to the financial and government sectors and to large enterprises. This makes NTT Data Security an ideal partner, as ZL UA’s benefits are best realized in large or complex deployments. These benefits include:

  • Super fast search, with results returned in seconds across an archive of hundreds of millions of records
  • Global Single Instance Storage (SIS), which helps shrink storage footprint to below 20% of what it was on the production e-mail server
  • Unified platform, with only one application to be managed and a single vault for all user-generated content, including e-mail, files, instant messages, faxes, and BlackBerry data
  • Resource-efficient scaling with ZL UA’s auto-promoting GRID
  • Support for 100% virtualized server deployment, enabling fuller resource utilization

“NTT Data Security welcomes the launch of this distributorship agreement with ZL Technologies, Inc.” says Mr. Takeshi Hattori, President & CEO of NTT Data Security Corporation (NDS). “At NDS, providing a total solution for IT-related security is a principle pillar of our business, we are constantly seeking opportunites to enhance customers’ corporate value. ZL UA provides a highly reliabile solution with advanced technical capabilities and, moreover, superior cost effectiveness while addressing the growing importance of electronic records, making it an extremely well positioned addition to our product portfolio. As we move forward, we will aim to strengthen cooperation with ZL Technologies to develop and implement solutions to even further reduce TCO and improve data security for our customers.”

“ZL Technologies is excited to have reached this agreement with NTT Data Security after an intensive search for a new strategic partnership for the Japanese market,” says Kon Leong, President and CEO of ZL Technologies, Inc. “NTT Data Security ‘s extensive reach within Japan’s leading organizations, paired with our expertise in e-mail and file compliance as well as the best-of-breed TCO (total cost of ownership) reduction technology, make this an ideal partnership. This well-timed collaboration will help prepare Japanese organizations for compliance and corporate governance while slashing the cost of ownership in these economically trying times.

“This partnership is a very smart strategic move for both ZL and ourselves,” explained Barney Haye, Managing Director of TVS. “We recognize ZL as a leader in the email archiving market, witnessing some of their large-scale migrations already completed that have replaced major vendors in this market. Our business is to help customers move to the right archiving and discovery solution from the wrong one. ZL is clearly in demand by customers who have learned their lessons and want to avoid a second mistake. Combined with TVS’ unique capabilities, the number of opportunities for both companies should rise as first-generation solutions continue to fail.”