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ZL Releases Briefing for Educators on FRCP Compliance

New Briefing Explains the Implications and Requirements of FRCP Compliance for Schools

Published by: ZL Tech

SAN JOSE, CA – Aug. 18, 2008

ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in Integrated Content Archiving of email, IM, and files for compliance, storage optimization, and eDiscovery, today released a briefing for educators that outlines new requirements of the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure (FRCP) and a comprehensive solution for meeting them.

Recent amendments to the FRCP require entities to retain all electronically stored information (ESI) for compliance purposes so they may be reviewed in civil proceedings. When a discovery request is issued, the requested electronic records must be produced within 30 days or less. Given the urgency of this requirement to serve these requests in a timely manner, it is important for educators to keep their records easily retrievable. However, large volumes of data are difficult to keep track of and disjointed data retention policies make compliance even more difficult. Consequently, several reports have called attention to the fact that most schools do not have the proper hardware and software solutions in place. Failure to comply with a discovery request has severe repercussions including the possibility of hefty fines or even being ruled against in an important lawsuit.

“Unfortunately, educational institutions have some of the highest risk factors with respect to potential litigation and exposure,” says Stephen Chan, ZL’s VP of Business Development. “And with the sheer volume of email and records, combined with a mix of faculty, staff, researchers, and students all under a single organizational umbrella, scalability and flexibility will be of top priority.”

ZL allows educators to organize all their electronic communications into a single Unified Archive supported by ZL’s superscalar TruGRID architecture, which records all communications without user intervention and can find necessary documents within seconds. To learn more about the requirements, costs, and steps of complying with the updated FRCP rules, please see the full FRCP Briefing for Educators document.