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ZL Reduces Litigation Costs by Enabling E-Discovery

Published by: ZL Tech

ZL Unified Archive® Now Includes the E-Discovery Manager to Help Customers Reduce the Cost of Litigation

SAN JOSE, CA – Dec. 15, 2008 Businesses face litigation and regulatory audits every day. Today’s news is filled with stories about lawsuits and legal proceedings, companies devastated by skyrocketing litigation costs, firms fined for delays resulting from outdated tools . Consequently, to comply with federal and state electronic discovery law and to limit exposure to litigation risk, businesses need to adopt electronic information solutions that will provide an easily accessible and centrally searchable location from which to manage electronically stored information. With the ZL Unified Archive®, customers are able to do everything they need from early case assessment to centralized records management, all in a single, scalable archive. ZL Technologies has released a major upgrade that provides a complete solution for early case assessment, culling, preservation orders, and the overall E-Discovery process, delivering industry leading functionality and performance. ZL’s ability to search hundred or millions of files in seconds makes risk management, compliance, corporate investigations and litigation searches fast and efficient. And with ZL’s new Discovery Manager, businesses can use ZL as a one-stop solution that obviates the need for making additional purchases of E-Discovery review tools. ZL delivers the proven scalability and robustness needed for even the largest customers. Key Features in ZL UA’s zDiscovery Manager include:
  • Automated Legal Hold:the ability to automatically apply legal holds on mails that are considered potentially relevant.
  • Early Case Assessment:the ability to organize and tag emails as related to a specific case or issue and mark them for review.
  • Complete Audit Trail:avoid heavy court sanctions by proving every action taken on a mail from time of ingestion to deletion.
  • Attorney Client Privilege: ensure that privileged mail is not inadvertently produced.
  “ZL’s Discovery Manager is a powerful addition to the Unified Archive® because it provides compete control to businesses over their repository of enterprise data from a central location” stated Perry J. Narancic, General Counsel at ZL. “ZL delivers an archive with massive storage capabilities and blazing search speed – which are the central legal requirements for compliance, risk management and litigation-preparedness.”