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ZL Expands Migration Options with DirectExtract™ for Symantec Enterprise Vault™

Published by: Marketwired

Native Capabilities Provide Unparalleled Ease of Data Migration from EV Environments to the ZL Unified Archive®

SAN JOSE, CA – Oct. 30, 2013 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in enterprise-class unstructured data management, has expanded its ingestion capabilities to include native migration directly from Symantec Enterprise Vault™ (EV) into the ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA). While many vendors currently must perform migration in several tedious phases by converting data to standard file formats then importing into the new environment, ZL’s DirectExtract™ Migration can read from multiple proprietary formats, providing a faster and more comprehensive transition process. Organizations can now retain important metadata fields and organizational structures derived from EV systems, which can then be directly mapped and indexed into ZL UA, allowing for more complete migration and preservation of important identifying data.

The ability to directly ingest all unstructured data previously managed and generated in other governance tools makes ZL UA uniquely suited to meeting enterprise demand for long-term information governance strategy. By leveraging the unique classifications and identifiers applied in systems such as EV, businesses can ensure that previous efforts to organize data will not be lost during the transition to the scalable ZL UA platform. Once ingested, massive volumes of unstructured data can then be fully leveraged for all interrelated business needs, including rapid global search, archiving, eDiscovery, Records Management, Compliance, and analytics. The Unified Archive’s elastic architecture and unparalleled global search capabilities eliminate the data “silos” frequently seen in ad hoc solutions, thus enabling enterprise data to be used to its full potential in a single, centralized repository.

“Our goal has always been to make the transition into the Unified Archive® as seamless as possible, while still preserving critical metadata generated in legacy systems. Now with DirectExtract™ Migration capabilities for Enterprise Vault™, organizations can mirror their previous EV classifications for data as they move to the comprehensive governance environment of the Unified Archive,” says Arvind Srinivasan, CTO of ZL Technologies. “With information governance increasingly a driver of business strategy, ZL UA offers customers the freedom to move and leverage data based on evolving needs, without many of the headaches traditionally experienced with large-scale migrations.”