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ZL Expands File System Archiving With “Manage-In-Place” Capabilities to Japanese Market

Published by: ZL Tech

ZL Now Makes It Possible to Perform Advanced File System Archiving and Management In-Place – Facilitating Simplified Corporate Governance and Access to Information.

SAN JOSE, CA – Jun. 7, 2010 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in Integrated Content Archiving of email, IM, and files for compliance, eDiscovery and storage management announced today the immediate availability of next-generation file system archiving capabilities including Manage-In-Place for the Japanese Edition of its award-winning information governance platform, ZL Unified Archive®. ZL’s file archiving and management solution is designed to help large organizations overcome uncontrolled electronic file growth by fully leveraging the information stored in files while optimizing storage, enabling secure end-user search, and ensuring corporate governance.

Via normal business workflows, files tend to accumulate and proliferate across the network in numerous file and document stores that can include hundreds of file servers and operating systems, providing two challenges to organizations, information governance and cost containment. Often, these files clog up file servers, increasing storage and administration costs while hampering end-user accessibility and corporate oversight. Meanwhile, the organization has little sense of the intrinsic business value in these files and is reluctant to delete them.

To address this problem, ZL now incorporates file archiving and management into its industry-leading electronic content archiving platform, which facilitates storage optimization, life cycle management, super fast secure search, and seamlessly synchronized access control for file access. With the new Manage-in-Place feature, organizations can have options to take advantage of these capabilities by archiving the files or leaving them in the source repositories and managing them “in-place.” File archiving with ZL offers customers numerous benefits, including:

    • Simplified Corporate Governance & Compliance
      • Granular retention policies classification schemes can be applied across files, Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Quickr, email, and instant messages.
      • Full audits trails and detailed, customizable reporting.
    • Storage Cost Reduction
      • Significant storage savings resulting from True SIS (Single-Instance Storage) and stubbing across files, email attachments and collaboration platforms up to 90%.
      • Analysis and records management of file system content enables organizations to delete aging files that no longer have business value, allowing organizations to reclaim and reuse storage.
    • Accessibility & Productivity
      • Super fast secure full text search ensures relevant information is quickly and securely found across petabytes of data using integrated policy-based access control.
      • Self-service and administrator file restores enable users to access backup copies in the archive should data on desktops or file servers be lost.
      • Option for advanced analysis including concept search, topic clustering, and visualization, enabling organizations to quickly analyze and classify files and other content.
    • Streamlined Management by Multiple Platform Support
      • ZL Unified Archive® can be integrated across Linux and Windows file systems, SharePoint, and Lotus Quicker, simplifying the management of mixed platform environments.

“Managing electronic files in large organizations is a daunting task. Without an integrated content archive, it’s very difficult to identify duplicates or ascertain the business value in a given record,” says Kon Leong, chief executive officer of ZL Technologies. “The file archiving capabilities in ZL Unified Archive® helps control storage costs and facilitate corporate governance while putting the power of the archive into the hands of end-users.”

ZL’s local channel partners welcome the availability of ZL File Archiving:

“With the ZL solution, it is possible to manage the data on the file servers which has exploded and scattered across the enterprise.” says Takeshi Hattori, President of NTT Data Security Corporation. “In addition to strengthening internal control of data, ZL’s high-speed search makes it possible to discover and leverage company information that may otherwise remain buried or hidden. With ZL, organizations can improve end-user productivity while effectively facilitating storage optimization. NTT Data Security will continue to offer ZL Unified Archive® as one of the core security and compliance solutions.”

NeoAxis welcomes the new functionality of ZL Unified Archive®, which further strengthens organizations’ compliance and knowledge management while reducing cost dramatically. We believe that ZL Unified Archive® will be the core solution that NeoAxis provides as “one-stop shopping – from consulting, deployment, and maintenance and support” says Katsuya Tanaka, Managing Director and SVP of IT Infrastructure Solutions Division of NeoAxis Corporation.