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ZL Breaks Records with Billion-Record Repository

Published by: ZL Tech

ZL Consolidates Customer’s Data in Single Repository for Massive Economies of Scale

SAN JOSE, CA – Aug. 19, 2009 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in e-mail and file archiving in large, complex environments, today proudly announces the industry’s first fully searchable billion-record e-mail archive consolidated in a single repository. ZL is equally proud to announce that its search performance across the entire billion-record archive is still measured in seconds, versus competitors’ products, which take as long as days or weeks. Two years ago, ZL Unified Archive (ZL UA) was chosen as the only archiving solution able to meet all the security, storage, compliance, and eDiscovery needs of a top five US bank with over 120,000 mailboxes. Since then, ZL has centralized the archiving of the bank’s data, adding up to ten million new e-mails each day to the archive, while simultaneously migrating large volumes of data from its legacy deployments. The past few years have seen the introduction of increasingly strict regulations regarding e-mail and file retention and the imposition of record-setting fines on noncompliant firms. ZL’s fully integrated solution is particularly suited for the accountability demands of archiving for regulatory compliance. It provides sufficient safeguards and failovers to ensure 100% data accountability such that the bank relies on ZL UA to not lose a single e-mail among the millions ingested each day. Before choosing ZL, the bank conducted extensive performance testing on ZL UA and two competing solutions before judging ZL UA the best solution for its needs:
  • Best performance – ZL’s speed in ingesting messages, returning searches, and exporting messages typically measured tens to thousands of times faster than competing solutions, with such performance also confirmed in independent third-party testing.
  • Lowest TCO – ZL’s extremely scalable GRID architecture cuts server count to a small fraction of competitors’ requirements, while running the entire GRID on virtualized machines saves the bank hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs.
The bank also realized that the unique scalability of the ZL solution made it the only solution that could effectively and efficiently manage the massive amounts of data it generates. The decision to deploy ZL Unified Archive at the bank also confirmed ZL’s unique performance in mixed e-mail environments. Like many large organizations, this Top 5 Bank runs large deployments of both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino e-mail servers. In one single deployment, ZL was able to integrate with both environments resulting in a single deployment, dramatically lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and deployment complexity. Alternatives considered by the bank would have forced it to maintain separate archives and redundant copies for Domino and Exchange, thereby raising costs and management overhead. With a single-repository deployment of ZL UA, this Top 5 Bank complies with stringent SEC record-keeping requirements; increases search uptime; enhances mail server performance; reduces storage requirements; and improves data accessibility for end users, corporate reviewers, and legal teams with the industry’s fastest search and discovery capabilities across a centralized enterprise archive.