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ZL Announces TrustPoint International as Addition to eDiscovery Partner Network

Published by: Marketwired

Partnership to Offer Additional ZL Support Options to Enterprise and Law Firm Clients for End-to-End Managed eDiscovery Services

SAN JOSE, CA – Jul. 23, 2013

ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in unstructured data governance and end-to-end eDiscovery management for large organizations, today announced that TrustPoint International, a leading eDiscovery services and review company, will be joining the ZL eDiscovery Partner Network. The partnership, rooted in trained expertise with the Unified Archive® (ZL UA) environment, will provide ZL customers with expanded options for outside consultation during the eDiscovery process.

Explosive growth of electronically-stored information (ESI) and increasingly stringent legal obligations regarding data retention and production in the discovery process have combined to make litigation costlier and riskier than ever before. Even with increased pressure to manage eDiscovery internally to rein in costs, many leading in-house legal teams still look to outside service providers in order to navigate this inherently complex process.

TrustPoint International has long been dedicated to providing cost-certain, transparent end-to-end eDiscovery services. Their profound understanding of the eDiscovery process, along with their ZL-certified proficiency in using the Unified Archive® environment, will give organizations with existing ZL UA deployments the option to utilize a qualified guide when additional legal expertise is desired. TrustPoint’s experience with tailoring customized eDiscovery workflows, combined with their expertise and knowledge of the ZL product, will allow them to effectively counsel ZL’s clients toward the optimal approach.

To take control of information, large organizations with complex data environments turn to ZL Unified Archive®, which provides a scalable, single-platform approach to managing escalating unstructured data volumes. With ZL UA, companies no longer have to rely on perilous, sluggish exports of data into eDiscovery point solutions. Instead, companies are able to leverage ZL’s unified platform to carry out the entire EDRM process from end to end—information management to production. The unified approach, eliminating unwieldy duplicate data and allowing nearly-instantaneous global search across its entire data universe, ensures that counsel do not face any unfortunate surprises buried in enterprise data during litigation. Complete chain of custody, combined with one-click legal holds and document lifecycle freezes, guarantees complete defensibility.

“While some organizations primarily leverage their in-house teams while using ZL Unified Archive for eDiscovery, we found that others were looking to consult with outside experts to help strategically leverage ZL UA’s full end-to-end capabilities,” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “As part of our eDiscovery partner network, TrustPoint is truly a trusted advisor for organizations facing especially complex litigation challenges.”