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ZL Announces Next-Generation eDiscovery Capabilities in Unified Archive® 7.0.6

Published by: Marketwired

ZL UA 7.0.6 Offers Cutting-Edge Features to eDiscovery

SAN JOSE, CA – Aug. 6, 2012 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in software to manage unstructured Big Data, today released the 7.0.6 version of its flagship product, Unified Archive®, which is a complete platform for eDiscovery, compliance and supervision, records management and storage management requirements.

While competing solutions create data “silos,” ZL UA takes a unified approach by eliminating silos and ensuring that only one data copy is stored, retention policies are coordinated, and one consistent search is performed.

The new release of ZL Discovery Manager incorporates major advances in eDiscovery technologies including:

  • Automated Coding

    ZL’s advanced implementation of machine-assisted coding expands the amount of data processed by several orders of magnitude compared to competing approaches. It helps radically increase review throughput while reducing human errors and associated processing costs. As a reviewer tags e-mails, ZL’s Discovery Manager will automatically tag similar ones within the review bucket, reducing the amount of manual review. ZL is unique in being able to scale automated coding to the entire universe of data.

  • Cross-Matter Management

    ZL Discovery Manager avoids wasteful process repetition by repurposing information and materials for related cases. Cross-matter management reduces the time and costs associated with multiple cases involving overlapping custodians and data sets. Custodian lists, tagging schemes, and user lists can be imported from case to case without tedious re-entry. In addition, attorney-client privilege handling and redactions need not be repeated, resulting in significant savings in time and labor.

  • Unified Compliance and Records Management

    For large organizations which need to satisfy regulatory and records-keeping requirements, ZL Unified Archive enables all applications, including eDiscovery, to easily and automatically maintain data integrity. Changes in one system are instantly recognized by all other systems. This leads to dramatic savings in time and resources while ensuring data unity.

  • Unified eDiscovery

    Combining information management and robust review capabilities, ZL is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to deliver true end-to-end eDiscovery, starting from Information Management in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) all the way through to Production – without transferring data. Users can carry out all eDiscovery workflows in one uninterrupted process without data movement. This approach dramatically slashes processing time and storage and review costs, while ensuring 100% chain of custody.

  • Other Significant Enhancements
    • Multi-Pass Review Workflow

      Customizable settings allow an unlimited number of review phases to be created, tracked, and reported.

    • Workflow Management

      Divides and assigns data sets to as many review teams as required. ZL’s Discovery Manager configures to handle your existing workflow structure, rather than imposing one. Review status reporting is available to track progress of the review.

    • Filter Mode

      Filters allow advanced control of sorting and grouping using over 20 different fields for unsurpassed specificity. Filtering can also be implemented based on customizable tags.

    • Quick Filters

      Remove large sets of data from review while maintaining legal hold. The filtered shortlist of documents can be automatically assigned to specific teams or review buckets.

    • Content Collection

      Text output of converted files can be stored for future use in ZL Discovery Manager case indexing, improving indexing speed and efficiency.

“ZL Unified Archive® 7.0.6 release continues to set new industry performance benchmarks,” says Kon Leong, Chief Executive Officer of ZL Technologies. “While other vendors may stitch together disparate applications, ZL’s expanding customer base of large enterprises validates its unique approach of eliminating application silos and offering a unified platform.”