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ZL Announces Expansive Social Media Analytics Capabilities for the Unified Archive®

Published by: Marketwired

Sentiment-Based Analytics Provide Real-Time Insight for Corporate Social Media Engagement

SAN JOSE, CA – Oct. 16, 2013 ZL Technologies, Inc., a global leader in unstructured Big Data management for the large enterprise, has announced a groundbreaking expansion of native social media analytics functionality within the Unified Archive® (ZL UA). In a market overwhelmed by stand-alone analytics engines, the ZL UA platform remains unique as a comprehensive governance environment, in which social media analytics capabilities are built directly into existing information management architecture.

Development of social analytics offers a direct response to rising demands for quantification of corporate social media ROI. Marketing units are gaining more discretion over IT spending, and there is subsequent pressure to leverage existing infrastructure in achieving multiple business objectives. The Unified Archive® is the embodiment of this consolidated approach, allowing a single, elastic repository to ingest and control unstructured data for compliance, eDiscovery, records management, storage, and analytics purposes. With corporate social media archiving already long established for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn content, ZL UA now offers sophisticated analytics tools to further extract value from existing data sources.

The single-platform approach opens the door for revolutionary real-time application of information that would be impossible with cumbersome third-party tools or data silos. Aside from generating basic descriptive metrics, ZL UA applies best-of-breed natural language processing (NLP) and semantic analysis to deliver deep understanding of consumer attitudes, product reach, and influence in the follower community.

The ZL UA social media analysis capabilities include several key features:

  • Auto-Generated Visual Reporting Graphical reports detailing interaction metrics for the corporate account are auto-generated as frequently as desired, allowing for highly responsive content management.
  • Sentiment Analysis Language-based analysis of posts tagging the official brand account are analyzed and weighted based on emotional content, giving a time-sensitive view of public perceptions
  • Influence Analysis Posts tagged with the corporate brand are analyzed for sentiment in subsequent comment threads, gauging the original poster’s influence and engagement among peers
  • Trending Topics Popular topics, tags, themes, and names associated with the corporate account are pinpointed and charted based on sentiment
  • Geographic Popularity Brand activity of both fans and critics is easily mapped at regional and global levels
  • Historical Data Analysis All analytics options can also be applied to past archived social media, providing a retrospective view in order to hone future digital strategies

“When used in isolation, descriptive statistics are overly simplistic and can lead to misinterpretation of social content,” said Arvind Srinivasan, CTO of ZL Technologies. “We’ve moved far beyond basic tallies of followers and ‘likes’ to provide a deeper perspective of the emotional context that defines social media interaction. With real-time analytics performed in the same platform as data archiving, the enterprise can now view its social activity as the living ecosystem it truly is, rather than as a static snapshot.”