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ZL and TransVault Software (TVS) Partner to Expedite Email Archival Migration

Published by: ZL Tech

The Combined Scalability and Flexibility of Both Products Ensures
Fast and Thorough Migrations

SAN JOSE, CA – Jun. 4, 2009 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in Integrated Content Archiving of email, IM, and files for compliance, storage optimization, and eDiscovery, today announced a new technical partnership with TransVault Software (TVS). The combined scalability of ZL Unified Archive® (UA) and TransVault, TVS’ self-named software product, makes this partnership the quickest, most pain-free solution for companies wanting to migrate from failed legacy email archiving deployments. ZL’s technological leadership and unmatched scalability as the leading next-generation email archiving company has already resulted in the replacement of numerous first-generation products’ failed deployments at large enterprises around the globe. Such large migrations of millions of pieces of legacy data would not be possible without ZL UA’s advanced architecture. TransVault increases the number of legacy archive solutions from which ZL customers may migrate. Together, ZL and TVS can help a broader audience of customers currently using any of a number of legacy solutions but are suffering from a host of unacceptable issues, such as:
  • Inadequate search and discovery performance
  • Increased liability stemming from conflicting search results
  • Fines for discovery delays due to index corruption
  • Resource-efficient scaling with ZL UA’s auto-promoting GRID
  • High costs of operation and storage due to weak performance and storage optimization
  TransVault’s numerous capabilities include converting stubs and synchronizing folders from legacy solutions so users retain transparent mail access, re-writing email domain names for smooth corporate acquisitions, and audit reporting to ensure digital chain-of-custody throughout the migration. TransVault is able to re-create original Exchange views of data so that when ingested by ZL it will look like the customer has run ZL from the beginning. TransVault’s throughput of up to 2.5 TBs per day allows for fast migration to ZL so all data, new and old, can be immediately searched for compliance or eDiscovery purposes. The cost savings of migrating from an old, archaic system to a next-gen solution can be immense. Upon adding up costs from usage of inefficient storage formats, excessive database instances, forced one-to-one mapping to email production servers, and inefficient hierarchical storage management (HSM) utilization, the ROI of a next-generation is quite clear. After “transvaulting” to ZL, customers can utilize the full benefit of the ZL Unified Archive® for search, eDiscovery, records management, auto categorization, retention, and storage management through automated policies. Migration to ZL also reduces the overall cost of operation by reducing storage required by 50% or more of the existing email and file storage, as well as a drop of roughly 50% in the number of application servers and databases used. “This partnership is a very smart strategic move for both ZL and ourselves,” explained Barney Haye, Managing Director of TVS. “We recognize ZL as a leader in the email archiving market, witnessing some of their large-scale migrations already completed that have replaced major vendors in this market. Our business is to help customers move to the right archiving and discovery solution from the wrong one. ZL is clearly in demand by customers who have learned their lessons and want to avoid a second mistake. Combined with TVS’ unique capabilities, the number of opportunities for both companies should rise as first-generation solutions continue to fail.”  
About Transvault TransVault™, from TransVault Software (TVS), is a high-performance software application that quickly and securely ‘TransVaults’ email and other related records from one environment to another – regardless of the chosen archive, messaging platform or storage medium. In developing TransVault, TVS has built on over 18 years experience in delivering high-end corporate messaging solutions, including gateways, data migrations and conversions and a 9-year track record of working with email archiving solutions including Symantec Enterprise Vault, Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS and EMC. This unique messaging pedigree makes TVS a partner you can rely on to protect your e-mail records. For more information and the latest supported platforms see