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ZL and Socialware Partner to Provide Next-Generation of Enterprise Social Compliance

Published by: Marketwired

Companies’ Complementary Technologies Empower Firms to Integrate Social Media Data and Access Control Within a Comprehensive Information Governance Framework

SAN JOSE, CA – December 3, 2014 ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leading provider of unified information governance for the large enterprise, and Socialware, the leading social media compliance and marketing platform for regulated industries, today announced a strategic business partnership. The partnership combines the consolidated data management of the ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA) with Socialware’s social media access and policy enforcement solutions for social media users in regulated industries. This means that regulated businesses can leverage ZL’s unmatched long-term archiving and data governance, combined with Socialware’s ability to manage the use of the native social media sites across thousands of users: effectively creating an immensely robust and complete solution for social media governance and archiving. The rise of the social era unleashed an unprecedented tidal wave of new communications data, presenting regulated firms with the immense challenge of implementing social compliance policies and access controls to manage this data. Regulatory guidelines, set by bodies such as FINRA and the SEC, dictate chain of custody and need for defensibility of all relevant communications, while the inherent design of social networks continues to encourage informal interactions. With only a fine line separating compliance risk and brand-building public engagement, firms are driven to seek out specialized solutions for reviewing and managing corporate social activity that also integrate with their existing information governance infrastructure, and that can enforce their existing communications policies. The new partnership between Socialware and ZL combines the best-of-breed in social media compliance and unified information governance, allowing financial services firms to permanently manage their social media content in the same environment as all other enterprise unstructured data. Information can be ingested directly from Socialware’s applications into ZL UA for permanent governance. The result is an optimized workflow and governance paradigm in which end users can freely use native social media sites with access controls and workflows offered by Socialware, while having the required data stored to a consolidated and highly defensible management environment. Here it can be fully leveraged for Records Management, eDiscovery, storage, analytics, and much more alongside other content such as enterprise files, emails, and instant messages. “It’s a natural marriage between our companies’ technologies since both Socialware and ZL place governance and compliance at scale at the core of our offerings,” said Ken Naumann, CEO of Socialware. “Because of the high level of governance and compliance that Socialware and ZL provide, firms and their users can have confidence that they are operating within the guidelines of the industry regulations at all times. That peace of mind allows users and firms to focus on how they can use social media to build their brand and develop new business.” “The road to compliance failure is often paved with good intentions: undue burdens placed on business users due to governance requirements often spawn a work-around mentality that creates enormous risk,” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “We’re proud to announce a partnership with Socialware that allows enterprise users to still fluidly use social media in its native environment, all while leveraging sophisticated compliance controls and consolidating backend data management for cross-functional applications.”
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