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ZL Adds Advanced eDiscovery Capabilities In Unified Archive® 7.0

Published by: ZL Tech

ZL UA 7.0 is Now Available Worldwide, Providing True End-to-End eDiscovery

SAN JOSE, CA – Dec. 15, 2009 ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in archiving and eDiscovery software for the large enterprise, today released the 7.0 version of its flagship product, Unified Archive®. ZL UA 7.0, for the first time, combines fragmented eDiscovery processes into one seamless system. Instead of using multiple archiving and review tools requiring slow and costly data movement between components, ZL users can now perform eDiscovery without moving data from the archive, thus eliminating delays and costs due to data migration. ZL UA 7.0 is an integrated suite of applications that delivers solutions for eDiscovery, compliance, records management and storage optimization, while adding a considerable array of new review and advanced analytic features for enhanced data visibility. For the first time, large organizations have the ability to comprehensively move eDiscovery in-house, using a single, unified platform. These enhancements offer organizations unparalleled litigation preparedness and eDiscovery cost savings. “Increasingly, large enterprises seek to move electronic discovery in-house, hoping to control costs, reduce risk and avoid stressful last-minute scrambles to find, review, analyze and produce electronically stored information,” said George Socha, principal at Socha Consulting, a preeminent eDiscovery consultancy. “For their part, archiving vendors hope to enable those organizations to take control of the process through offerings intended to integrate email and file archiving, electronic discovery, compliance, and records management.” ZL UA 7.0’s new advanced analytics offer in-house reviewers unprecedented legal insight at every stage of the eDiscovery process. Key new features include:
  • Data Mapping – Provides a hierarchical view of an organization’s information, locating and tracking relevant data by custodian or data type. Data Mapping automates this tedious process, saving significant time and expense.
  • Clustering with Visualization – Offers immediate visibility into a large set of documents by “slicing-and-dicing” data in any manner desired. Clustering automatically organizes documents into content-based categories from which reviewers can visually and intuitively navigate through the data. This capability allows massive amounts of data to be easily synthesized, analyzed and presented graphically in user-friendly ways.
  • Concept Search – Instantaneous concept search moves beyond keyword searches to help find relevant information hidden in massive volumes of data. This capability finds and ranks relevant documents relating to topics instead of keywords. Using advanced mathematics, ZL UA would automatically connect, for example, “coffee” with “latte” or “espresso,” even without the use of synonyms. ZL UA’s concept search helps locate the proverbial needle in the haystack.
These intelligent capabilities help manage large amounts of information, simplify the eDiscovery process, reduce expensive manual review time and offer timely legal risk assessment. “By adding advanced analytic capabilities to our archiving solution, ZL is proud to offer a true end-to-end eDiscovery solution,” says Kon Leong, Chief Executive Officer of ZL Technologies. “While other vendors may stitch together disparate applications to cover the eDiscovery process and call it “end-to-end,” ZL UA 7.0 manages the full eDiscovery process from document creation in the archive through the culling, analysis and review processes, all the way to legal production. ZL UA does this without moving the data, thus saving considerable time and costs. For large organizations that spend millions of dollars each year on eDiscovery, ZL’s end-to-end eDiscovery is a game-changer.”