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ZipLip & EMC Centera Join Forces for Lotus Notes/Domino

ZipLip Integration with EMC Centera Helps Customers Better Enforce Compliance in Electronic Communication

Published by: ZL Tech

SAN JOSE, CA – Jan. 21, 2007

ZL Technologies, Inc, the leader in Integrated Content Archiving of email, IM, and files for compliance, eDiscovery, and storage management announced today introduced a new technology integration to ensure that electronic messages stored in EMC Centera’s WORM storage comply with industry regulations and internal policy. This integration combines ZipLip’s Unified Archive® with EMC Centera and is designed for large IBM Lotus Notes and Domino organizations that are mandated to store electronic communication records, but want the simplicity of an on-demand content archiving solution. EMC Centera allows ZipLip customers to tackle compliance issues using a highly-available storage infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage technologies. Combined with Centera, customers enjoy a complete compliance solution, with the capabilities to search and retrieve archived messages for discovery purposes and centrally manage users’ personal mailboxes.

ZipLip’s carrier-class background in scalability and 100% Java software provide customers with the flexibility they need to meet today’s increasing demands on their messaging environments. ZipLip also has the unique ability to empower IBM Lotus deployments for true compliance with the toughest standards set in the U.S. The Unified Archive® is the only archiving system to date that enables concurrent archiving of both Lotus Notes and Domino and Microsoft Exchange email systems on the same system, thus providing easy migration from Exchange to Lotus Notes and Domino, as well as preventing potential migrations from Lotus Notes and Domino to Exchange for archiving purposes. With deployments on IBM mainframes, ZipLip is also able to run “True Blue,” namely, with IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere, Linux, and IBM Lotus.

EMC Centera Compliance Edition further extends the records retention and preservation capabilities of the Unified Archive®, enabling Compliance Officers and IT administrators to meet the challenge of managing their organization’s growing volume of electronic records and communications, while still being compliant with strict regulatory requirements.

“Together, the joint solution provides a new approach for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino customers that are concerned about messaging governance,” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZipLip. “This includes help in the prevention of corporate and regulatory policy violations, identification of non-compliant messages and the capability of intelligent pre- and post-review and more effective supervision of corporate e-mail and instant messages.”

“ZipLip’s real-time policy management and auto-categorization enables policies to be accurately enforced by applying corporate and regulatory policies across all key electronic communication channels. Through its partnership with ZipLip, EMC Centera can now provide its customers with an integrated message management solution that will ensure comprehensive governance from policy enforcement through to archiving. This provides IBM Notes and Domino customers with greater control over the vast amounts of e-mail that businesses create on a daily basis.”

Whether fueled by regulatory requirements, digitization of industries such as healthcare and financial services, drive operational efficiencies, or to address good corporate governance initiatives, digital assets, once relegated to tape archives, optical disks, or file cabinets, must be stored online. Just as the growth of applications such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the explosion of the Web drove the use of network attached storage (NAS) as an enterprise storage strategy, the need to manage, protect and access fixed content is the driving force behind CAS, a new category of networked storage.