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ZipLip Announces Name Change to ZL Technologies, Inc.

Change Reflects Unification of Identity and Reinforces the Company’s Continuing Focus On Superior Finite Element Analysis Products

Published by: ZL Tech

SAN JOSE, CA – May 21, 2007

ZipLip, Inc., the leader in email archiving for compliance, today announced that the company is changing its name to ZL Technologies, Inc (ZL Tech).

“We originally named the company after a military term which denotes security through radio-silence in hostile territory. This was an ideal fit with our secure messaging product suite,” says CEO Kon Leong. “However, we outgrew this name as we expanded our platform to include e-mail and file archiving for compliance, legal discovery and storage management. In doing so, we also had to develop and integrate component technologies, including our grid architecture, search engine, content filter, e-mail gateway, security, categorization engine, and several other technologies necessary to meet today’s enterprise needs for highly scalable and flexible archiving which can run in any existing environment. Hence, ‘ZL Technologies’ is a more accurate reflection of our company today.”

The name change has been well-received by ZL’s channel partners. Says NuTech’s Bill Silver: “We have been active in the e-mail archiving market for several years and were already familiar with many of the available vendor solutions. However, our experience indicated that e-mail archiving requires a lot more technology to execute than most people realize. Having had first-hand experience with the challenges in e-mail archiving, we recently signed up with ZL Technologies after our investigations showed that it has the requisite technologies to finally solve the archiving problem.”

Reflecting ZL Tech’s expansion overseas, the name change shall also apply to ZL’s international operations and entities.