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The Largest Credit Union Chooses ZL’s Unified Archive®

Published by: ZL Tech

Unified Concept Fully Utilized Across the Four Modules –
eDiscovery, Compliance, Storage, and Records Manager

SAN JOSE, CA – Jun. 15, 2010 ZL Technologies, Inc., a leader in records management, archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery software for large enterprises, announced today that the largest credit union in the world, in both asset size and membership, has joined ZL’s growing list of enterprise customers. The customer is planning on utilizing ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA®) to manage their Lotus Domino e-mail environment for eDiscovery and compliance needs.

The customer faced challenges with its previous archiving solution, which adopts the common silo-ed approach in today’s market. As the silo-ed approach inherently creates duplicates, applies disjointed retention policies, and generates duplicates, it was extremely difficult for the corporation to manage the large amount of data scattered throughout the organization. After an extensive evaluation on products available in today’s market, the customer decided that ZL’s Unified Archive® delivers the most comprehensive and effective data management solution.

While the prevalent silo-ed approach is merely an “integration” of different point solutions, ZL UA® was built based on the unified concept, removing all issues created by the silo-ed approach. ZL UA®’s unified architecture saves only 1 copy of each file, allowing for consistent and complete search from one centralized platform. The one-copy schema also assures 1 uniform retention policy across the entire archive, fully protecting enterprise data through the proper lifecycle. As ZL UA®’s unified architecture provides a central control of the immense archive of data, and the corporation plans on further utilizing ZL’s unified concept for litigation purposes with the eDiscovery Manager module.

“We chose ZL’s Unified Archive® because of its truly unified architecture and high scalability for our mounting records,” said a corporation’s spokesperson, “This unified solution provides a panoramic view of all data within the organization. With all information residing in the Unified Archive®, we can utilize the archive to fulfill both our compliance and eDiscovery requirements.”

As demonstrated by the customer, corporations can achieve optimal content and information management through ZL UA®, and even further leverage the unified concept across the four modules – eDiscovery, Compliance, Storage, and Records Manager. With all modules managed under the same platform, the corporations have the flexibility to pick and choose among them to satisfy a full range of business requirements.

“The priority [our customer] has placed on a unified solution reflects the continuing shift in the market. Organizations are now recognizing that a unified approach to archiving is critical in facilitating workflow efficiency,” said Kon Leong, CEO at ZL Technologies.