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National Archives and Records Administration Leverages ZL Unified Archive® for Records Management

Published by: Marketwired

ZL Unified Archive® Helps Fulfill Ambitious Federal Vision for Long-Term Information Governance

SAN JOSE, CA – March 26, 2015 ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL) today announced that the ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA) is being used by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for records and information management (RIM) of government unstructured data. The product is part of a solution provided by Unisys Corp. to transition NARA to a cloud-based email and collaboration solution.

As a leader in providing unstructured Big Data archiving and governance for large enterprises, ZL is uniquely suited to meeting the security and scale demands of a government agency that must have the capacity to archive mass quantities of historically significant documents, files, official emails, and other related materials.

In November of 2011, President Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum – Managing Government Records, officially signaling the beginning of an Executive Branch directive to provide a framework for digitization of permanent government records. In an effort to comply with the Presidential Memorandum, when moving to cloud email, NARA required the scalability to handle storage needs of extensive data volumes, while also demonstrating full compliance with federal records management statutes and regulations. As a comprehensive unstructured data platform delivering DoD 5015.2 security for all major email clients including Google Mail (Gmail) in the cloud, ZL UA was evaluated by Unisys, NARA’s cloud email integrator, and found to be an excellent option for fulfilling NARA’s stringent needs.

“To see the National Archives and Records Administration put such a priority on a unified approach is monumental sign to the public and private sectors that ‘siloed’ data solutions are no longer viable in an environment where unstructured data is growing exponentially both in volume and importance,” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. “A unified platform, with one data copy and one point of control, allows organizations to have a comprehensive view of unstructured information while enabling complete data governance for RIM, eDiscovery, compliance and public access needs.”