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Key eDiscovery and Information Governance Trends Revealed in ZL Technologies and ILTA Joint Survey

Published by: Marketwired

Feedback From Legal Technology Professionals Suggests That, Despite Sustained Growth of the eDiscovery Market, Businesses Still Struggle to Optimize Use of Technology

MILPITAS, CA–(Marketwired – June 29, 2016) – ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL), the leader in enterprise information governance, today announced key findings compiled from the 2016 Information Governance Survey hosted jointly with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). Survey participants, ranging across a diverse range of industries, represented both in-house and law attorneys, as well as those in other roles closely involved with the eDiscovery process.

The eDiscovery products and services market has steadily grown over the last several years, and is projected to continue its expansion. However, there is a great deal of diversity in the ways that organizations approach the multifaceted process, and the number of business units involved — including legal, IT, records management, compliance, and often others — means that there is room for improvement in workflow and communication, as well as consolidation of systems and effort. Survey results largely reflected a high level of IG competency, but also a high level of complexity.

To view the accompanying infographic, please visit here. Key findings include:

The average business reports using products from more than two eDiscovery vendors.

  • For those using eDiscovery products in-house, the average number of software providers represented was 2.1, not including individual vendor sub-products, unknown products, or outsourced eDiscovery services.

Despite the proliferation of eDiscovery tools, practitioners prefer single-source, broad functionality.

  • Given the choice between an eDiscovery product that has “best-in-breed” EDRM functionality versus an eDiscovery product that has broad, multi-purpose EDRM functionality, 70% of respondents preferred the latter.

Organizations are split on their use of technology to preserve data.

  • There is an “all or nothing” approach to legal hold technology; 26% of organizations use self-preservation in all of their cases, while only 20% rely entirely on technology-only preservation. Relatively few organizations used the individual mixed ratio approaches in between where technology and end users both preserved data.

Email and files share content still dominate the eDiscovery process — for now.

  • Participants were asked to order data types from #1-#10 in terms of frequency of their use in eDiscovery; email and file share data were overwhelmingly still #1 and #2, respectively. However, database data, Sharepoint content and non-Sharepoint collaborative content follow, rounding out the top-five data types.

“Information governance is a strategy rather than a product, and our survey results reinforce that,” noted Linda G. Sharp, Associate General Counsel of ZL Technologies. “Organizations are as diverse as their choices of their eDiscovery tools and workflows. However, it’s clear that there’s desire for optimization; more products haven’t necessarily led to more efficient practices. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The chaos of eDiscovery’s early years has coalesced into concise needs and clearer objectives and it’s now a matter of execution.”

“ILTA was founded 36 years ago, and in that time, we’ve seen a radical change in what legal technology means,” said Leigh Isaacs, ILTA Volunteer and Program Planning Council Member. “Information Governance is a relatively new concern, but now it’s a top priority across business units — legal included. We look forward to continuing our IG survey series to develop insight of trends over time.”

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