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Human Services Non-Profit Selects Unified Archive® for E-Mail and File Archiving

Published by: ZL Tech

ZL Unified Archive® Utilized to Serve the eDiscovery Needs in the Healthcare Industry

SAN JOSE, CA – May. 13, 2012 ZL Technologies, Inc., a leader in records management, archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery software for large enterprises, announced today that a nationally recognized human services non-profit organization will utilize ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA®) to serve the eDiscovery needs for its immense volume of healthcare data.

The new customer did not have a prior archiving solution in place, and had struggled to effectively manage their expanding electronic data. Without a central repository, identical data copies were proliferated across different data origins, such as file systems and e-mail servers. As end-users had to manually classify these redundant copies scattered throughout the organization, it was very difficult for the corporation to properly preserve data. Therefore, the corporation needed an effective archiving solution to overcome all problems mentioned above. After examining several solutions, the corporation ultimately decided that ZL’s unified platform best fulfills the archiving needs with Microsoft Exchange and the file system, readily preparing the enterprise archive for eDiscovery and compliance needs.

“Our unstructured data has been growing exponentially, and it is crucial that we adopt a proper solution for risk management and litigation readiness,” said the Sr. Director of Infrastructure and End User Technology Services. “ZL’s unified approach fully protects our archive from potential data loss, enabling optimal workflow for eDiscovery and compliance through one single platform.”

The customer recognizes the impact of today’s rising electronic health records, and foresees the challenges and complexity involved in healthcare information management. With ZL UA® in place, the customer can obtain total knowledge of all enterprise data, and further exploit the fully protected and proactively managed archive for investigation and litigation responses. Furthermore, as all data are stored in one centralized repository and managed under one platform, ZL’s industry-leading search capabilities allow the customer to retrieve consistent and comprehensive results, optimizing the eDiscovery workflow.

“The corporation’s pursuit of a unified solution reflects the changing nature of the healthcare archiving market. Organizations are now increasingly recognizing that a unified archiving approach is extremely critical in optimizing workflow and mitigating enterprise risks,” said Kon Leong, CEO at ZL Technologies. “We are looking forward to the start of a successful and lasting partnership with this new customer.”